5 thoughts on “Wavy Curve – 4

  1. Hi Sir, pls help me clear this doubt, in the second question when positive integer solutions are asked, I had misinterpreted it as if the question is asking values where the equation will become positive!
    Could you help me how exactly the question could have been asked if it wants values where the equation is more than 0?

  2. If x is real, which of the following is not a possible value of (x2+2x +3)/(x2+x+2)?


    We can easily see, 3/2 is acceptable at x=0, however how can we quickly determine whether the other values will be possible or not given both the equations can’t be factorized and the usual method will take too long to determine the range of this thing? 😦

  3. Hello Sir,

    Thanks for this wavy curve posts.
    I want to know how to approach 2 variable inequality questions e.g. |2X+3Y|+|2X-3Y|<12?
    Can we do it with wavy curves ? if not, what is ideal approach for this kind of questions ?


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