5 thoughts on “Wavy Curve – 3

  1. Hi, sorry again for the noob doubt but for (6-x)^4 and (2-x)^5, how are the roots 6 and 2 instead of -6 and – 2? For (6-x) the power is positive hence (6-x)^4 will be (x-6)^4 hence understandable but can’t understand for (2-x)^5.

  2. What is a root? A place where the function becomes zero. For that, the value in one of the brackets must be zero. Now, at what value of x will the bracket (6 – x), and its powers, become 0? 6 or -6?


  3. in the cat concept i read if the corresponding power is even we do not change the sign… just wanted to confirm that you have applied the similar concept?

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