5 thoughts on “CAT 15 Lead-up – 18

  1. Sir, In a que, In how many ways can 8 students sit around 2 circular tables located in 2 different rooms such that 4 students sit around each table, we are dividing 8 different students in 2 groups of 4 each and these two groups again are different as said in que. So, this should be 8!/4!4! only no? where m going wrong in my thinking as it is not matching to the correct answer where my answer further divisible by 2!.


  2. Very probably not, I’m afraid. I don’t really have anything fancy and new to say (and even the pattern seems unlikely to change so strategy also doesn’t alter markedly).


  3. Understood, It’s just that I would really like some notes and tricks on the questions based on Quadratic equations and common roots, things like that.That’s all but all the stuff on this blog is mighty impressive! I have cleared so many concepts and learnt so much, its a gift! Thanks a lot J,

    You the man!

    P.S I think I met you once in Pune when you came for a seminar at (Symbiosis) but i doubt you will remember 😛

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