6 thoughts on “Circular Races – 2

  1. Sir, this is one of the que appeared in SIMCAT.
    First year B.Sc. in APJ college has 120 students who opt for three subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Biology. A student needs to clear all the three subjects in order to be classified as “Passed” and get admission to the second year. Students who do not clear one or two subjects (called ATKT students) can also get admission to the second year but will have to reappear for the subjects that they did not clear. If a student did not clear all the three subjects, he is classified as “Failed” and has to repeat the year.
    The passing percentage for first year B.Sc. this year was 45% whereas 12 students failed. The number of students who did not clear Physics was 37. The number of students who did not clear only Chemistry was 10. The number of students who did not clear exactly two subjects Physics and Chemistry was 6.

    Solution is like it takes 54 students all passed, 10 students passed in bio and physics but not chem, 6 who passed only bio and 19-x and 19-y as the students who passed only in chem and physics. y = students who cleared exactly both phy and chem & x for exactly both in chem and bio
    I am not able to understand why 19-x or 19-y is taken as even if we consider 54 students of ATKT and reduce 16 (for bio and phy& bio), we are left with 38. But why to consider equally among two. it can be distributed in other way also no?? Where m going wrong? Pls correct me.

    Regards & sorry for too long question,

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