CAT 15 Lead-up – 19

To wind up this lead-up series, today and tomorrow I’ll do a couple of Verbal posts for a change. Para-jumbles, without options. Mostly they will not be too difficult; the intent is more to get some basic practice at doing TITA parajumbles!

Vocab - 201aVocab - 201b

10 thoughts on “CAT 15 Lead-up – 19

  1. 1. C-A-D-B
    2. B-C-A-E-D
    3. A-B-D-C
    4. A-B-D-C
    5. D-A-B-C
    6. C-B-D-A
    7. D-C-B-A

    P.S. Isn’t there a modifier error in Passage#2, statement D, the modifier “hired by noble” should modify an ninja not his outfit! Please correct me if I am wrong.

    • 5 correct (I will post the correct answers in the comments tomorrow!). And yes, there is an error; I just used passages from the internet “as is”, and made no changes to those that had errors…


      • Oh, I am sure of that. The SCRABBLER doesn’t make mistakes. NOW that is an undisputed F in FIJ questions!

        Also Sir, Can you post a good collection of Critical Reasoning/Summary Type questions as well. Thank You.

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  3. Solutions:

    In a couple of cases there are two equally plausible orders which would work. In the exam, if there are options, chances are only one would appear. And if there aren’t? Well, then there would be no negative marking so you would have nothing to lose. Take your best shot (but do not spend too much time agonising over which order to pick!)

    BDCEA / BDCAE (the former is the order in the original source, the latter is in my opinion equally acceptable)
    DABC / CDAB (same as above)


  4. True! My approach is gut feel and logic (as it is towards most VA), I just look for connections and hope for the best. That isn’t something I can explain, alas.

    These were just intended for people to practice, not very difficult and not with any specific learnings in mind, just to try a few extra TITA questions.


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