9 thoughts on “Algebra – 5

      • thank you sir
        one more doubt : Algebra 6 , 1st question if (60-x)=2400 and (y+40)=1 then x will be negative thus contradicting the situation.

  1. Hello Sir,

    In the first question too (0,0) can be a solution when 600 is written as 20*30. But since positive integer solutions are being asked for, I think this case should be neglected and the number of solution needs to be 23.

    Kindly let me know your thoughts.

  2. Sir,
    I’m having a pretty big doubt regarding this method of finding number of Integer solutions. 1st question the factors are 1,2,3,…,200,300,600. And they can be (x,y) = (21,630), (22,330),…,(40,60), (45,54).
    But if I see from other angle then (x,y) can also be (620,31), (320,32), (220,33),…,(60,45), (50,50), (54,55).
    That makes a total of 48 positive integer solutions. Am I right, Sir?

    And if that’s right, then no. of integer solutions will be 96 solutions including (0,0). That means 95 integer solutions are possible right, Sir?

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