11 thoughts on “Puzzles – 15

      • Haha !

        I started by 96 games, and kept on diving by 2. When there were 3 games, then I added the one game to make a total of 4, and again divided by 2.

        I wasn’t confident, anyway. 😀

  1. 97 it is !

    Veteran’s apprentice 😀
    I will need your inputs to get this concept crystal clear 🙂

    P.S. Tennis tournaments

      • play-off ! Lol..

        Oh.. I am sorry. Realised my mistake; I was adding 4 instead of 3.
        Can we generalise for an odd number of teams ?

        P.S. really acting catatonic 😦

  2. Sir,
    there is a different way of looking at this problem..
    It takes one game to eliminate a loser.
    So, in order to have a distinct winner, you will have to eliminate the remaining 96 players.
    So, in order to eliminate 96 other players, 96 games are played.. which eventually helps in deciding the winner !


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