Happy New Year 2017!

Dear Readers,

It has been a  while since I last posted; I hope most of you have done well in the various exams and have at least some calls! Despite the lack of new content on the blog, there have been plenty of visitors and commenters and I hope it has been of help to at least a few of you.

As for why I am posting today, that’s purely selfish vanity I am afraid 🙂 A lot of friends have requested me to share my scorecard here, so I decided to go ahead!





12 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2017!

  1. How is the scaling decided? Will the scaling be more for people with high raw scores? Or is the scaling factor equal to all of the CAT aspirants from the same slot?
    Considering, you best case that you answered all 94 correct – that gives 282, can we be certain in saying (seeing your scaled score) that a scaling of about ‘287/282 =1.02’ was applied? or we can’t say that with any certainty.

    Your scores provide a good base point because you have high accuracy for your scores.

  2. It isn’t as simple as that, as only in QA is my accuracy even occasionally that good. I rely more on speed than accuracy. Also, the scaling is done in each section separately. So there was almost certainly a pretty high scaling factor in DI (wherein I had attempted 27, and am fairly sure of at least 1 wrong) maybe as much as 20-25 marks but certainly not less than 10 marks. The scaling in VA would have been a little less, and that in QA would be fairly negligible, is my suspicion (I was certain of 29 right in QA, cannot remember what i did in the rest).

    But unless the authorities reveal the actual raw scores, these are all hypotheses at best 🙂 The only certainty is that there *was* some level of scaling, and that the overall top score across the slots in each section is scaled to the maximum theoretically possible score..


  3. Ramesh and Bimal start from A and B respectively with uniform velocities. Ramesh is headed toward B and Bimal towards A and both cities are 600 km apart. Ramesh rests whenever Bimal is on the move and Bimal rest whenever Ramesh is on the move. The speed of Ramesh and Bimal is 25 km/h and 30 km/h respectively. If Ramesh starts first and reaches B in 36 hours, then find the least time that Bimal would take to reach his destination after Ramesh makes a start?

    • Probably the wrong place to ask this? 🙂 Anyway I guess it might be 44 hours. Basically, the total time taken by them is 600/25 + 600/30 = 24 + 20 = 44 hours (as they never move simultaneously). So if Ramesh starts, then 44 hours later they will both have reached their destinations…


  4. Wow..!!! What a beautiful scorecard..!! I could not take my eyes off your scorecard for a while. Looking forward to see more such scorecards in coming years on your blog…:)

  5. Hi anonymous scrabler I really like all of your posts. This is my earnest request from my side to please please post and give gyan about latest types of LR sets from 2015 onwards

    • In each section, the highest score achieved is scaled up to the maximum possible in that section. In VA and QA that would be 102, in DILR that would be 96. So there would be someone somewhere with a score of 102 in VA (but I have no idea who!).


  6. Sir,
    Please suggest me some techniques to improve my quantity section and about the types of questions coming in for CA’17. Please that would of great help.

    • The whole blog is full of such suggestions 🙂 Go through it as a starting point and apply the same thought processes in other topics as well. Additionally, prove every formula to yourself, understand every concept rather than mugging it up, and you will find QA manageable. (of course, if you are looking for a magical solution without putting in the hard work, I cannot help. That is God’s territory not mine.)

      As for the types of questions…well, you know as much as I do. You would have to ask IIML about that. Possibly the sample paper they give in Oct will provide some clue, but that would come rather late so for now assume there will not be too much deviation from the recent standard!


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