5 thoughts on “Algebra – 9

  1. Sir i am aware with this concept but just for the sake of knowledge there is a formulae too K/ab, will you introduce this in any of your next post.

  2. No I will not, Harsh. I am trying to explain the logic, the formula is simple enough to extrapolate from there. Note, though, that it will give only approximate answers (+/- 1). Also, the formula should be K / (LCM (a,b) – else it will give wrong answers for non-co-prime values of a and b.


  3. Sir,
    In the 1st prob. I’m getting a different answer when I followed another approach. I’m posting my approach. Could you please point out my mistake?
    When 10000/12=833.33, value of y will 0,5,10,15,…825,830. So there are only 166 terms.
    What have I missed ?

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