4 thoughts on “Puzzles – 14

  1. A and B cross > 8 min
    A returns > 3 min
    A and D cross > 17 min
    A returns > 3 min
    A and C cross > 11 min
    Total Time > 42 min ?

  2. In order to save time we need to send the 2 slowest together or get the fast guy to return always
    The route when A(fastest) returns every time is B+A+D+A+C
    The route when C and D(slowest two) are sent together is B+A+D+B+B
    Clearly the difference is on account of A+C in first and B+B in second route.
    Which ever of the 2 expressions is smaller is the right way. Therefore the answer in with 3,8,11,17 should be route 1(2*8>3+11)
    2*3+11+8+17=42 seconds

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