4 thoughts on “Sequences – CAT Scan 3

  1. Didn’t understand the part in the second question where you can relate to the part in the first question g(x+1) = g(x) – g(x-1)

    can be concluded if it repeats after 6th term please explain

  2. Basically, whether I write it as Tn = T(n-1) – T(n-2) or T(n+1) = Tn – T(n-1) it boils down to the same thing, expressed differently. Both mean the next term is the difference of the two immediately previous terms”. CAT is good at twisting things in this manner, so you need to be good at it as well!


  3. For the first question,
    The condition will be satisfied only is j>3,then how is it that the term a3 is found using the same condition. Is there something im missing?
    Thank you

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