10 thoughts on “Cubes and Cubelets – 2

  1. Sir,
    ‘Not more than one face painted’ means atmost one face painted ????
    and Sir i have encountered some questions while TAKING (finally got it right thanks to you)
    some tests of the shortest path of an ant from one face to any other face…. is der any idea we need to know apart from listing the distances???

    • Yes Girish, not more than one face painted means zero or one. And coincidentally, the “shortest path” for an ant is the subject of the next couple of posts 🙂 Just some basic concepts which might aid in visualisation…


  2. Sir,
    Can you explain the concept involved in cutting a cube i.e. the questions such as in which a cube is cut by making a certain specified of cuts and we are to find the identical pieces resulting out of the given cube or vice versa.

      • Probably the ones like the chess board where we are meant to find the number of rectangles of different dimensions. .

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