6 thoughts on “Confused Words – 2

    • Dheepthamohan, the 1st, 2nd and 5th are right. Let others try as well; as usual, the answers will be forthcoming in next week’s post 🙂 A couple of them are fairly obscure secondary meanings, though if you were an Enid Blyton fan in your childhood you’d probably know the 4th one…


  1. 1.) SECOND ( also means assist)
    2.) husband ( also means frugality)
    3.) found ( also means start)
    4.) pluck (also means courage)
    5.) minute ( also means intricacies )
    6.) company ( my best option among associate , colleague , comrade , enemy and territory )

    apart from this , Sir i had a doubt w.r.t the word ‘guts’
    is it correct grammar to say ‘ do u have the guts to do this?’

    • Girish, the first 5 are right. The last is a slightly tricky one as the word is relatively obscure (unless you live in a place where much mining is done!)

      As for guts….as far as I know it is a very informal usage, quite slangy, but not wrong. It is probably a bowdlerisation of the more offensive (and equally slangy) option most college students would use 🙂


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