2 thoughts on “Triangles – CAT Scan 4

  1. Hi J,

    how should questions like the one below be tackled:

    A recatanglr PRSU is divied into two smaller rectangles PQTU and QRST by the line TQ.
    Points A,B,F are within rectangle PQTU and C,D,E are within rectangle QRST.The closest pair of points among the pairs (A,C) (A,D) (A,E) (F,C) (F,D) (F,E) (B,C) (B,D) (B.E) are 10*sqrt(3)cm apart .

    (i) which is the closest pair of points among the 6 given?
    (2) AB>AF>BF ; CD>DE>CE and BF=6*sqrt(5)cm.
    Which id the closest pair of pints among all the 6 given points?

  2. As mentioned elsewhere, it is really difficult to answer a geometry question without a figure, and really confusing to find a question with no relation to the post above 😛 If you have a question related to what I have posted above, do ask…if not, please forgive me for not responding.


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