9 thoughts on “Triangles – Examples 3

  1. Hello Sir,

    Can you please explain this step v = a*(c/(c+b)). I am not able to understand as how you arrived on this step from the previous one:

  2. If I have to divide a in the ratio b : c then it will be a * b/(b+c) and a * c/(b+c) by standard ratio logic…

    (For example if I have to divide 40 in the ratio 3 : 5 I will do 40 * 3 / 8 and 40 * 5 / 8, right?)


    • Inverted componendo – If a/b=c/d, invert this now ,b/a=d/c and then use componendo formula ,b+a/a=d+c/c .This is inverted componendo. I hope it helps you.

  3. For the first question, a slightly simpler way would be to consider Triangle AOB.
    Angle ABO = 45 ( Since angle bisected there) We can directly get Angle BAO 🙂

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