9 thoughts on “The Masochism Tango

  1. Sir, I have really been unfortunate because of not being able to follow this awesome blog even after discovering it a month ago owing to poor time management skills. Now I’m going to sincerely it. And If you could post the links of others posts as well like Verbal and CR in a separate tab, just the way you did for Maths Posts, it would be great. 🙂

    • Kartik, I have been intending to do so 🙂 But right now not finding the time, other things taking priority. Hopefully I will be able to organise it soon (but might have to keep it till after CAT ’13 the way things are going)


  2. I was gonna start my comment with ‘Listened’ but ‘Entranced’ would be the suitable word as i took a ride in Tom Lehrer world through the youtube video of Masochism Tango….
    I don’t know if you people have observed but all mathematicians are such lively and fascinating people… Tom Lehrer , Paul Lockhart , pierre de fermat , archimedis , euclid , and oscar winning hollywood actor and director Ben Affleck ( yes he has a masters degree in math ) and if someone remembers winnie cooper from Wonder Years, she has a theorem to her name…

    • Ah, Winnie Cooper *nostalgia* 🙂

      I would count people like Feynman and Leonardo da Vinci as well, though the former was a physicist and the latter, an artist (in their day job) they were both awesome mathematicians as well.

      There are also a couple of lesser-known names I would recommend, as crazy maths people go: one is Martin Gardner, whose books of math puzzles are a delight, and another is a guy called Piet Hein (Danish, I believe). Sadly, couldn’t find much of Hein’s work, more of his poetry than his maths.


  3. Forget about CAT and other exams… this ‘CRACK THE CAT ‘ blog will always be memorable… cheers for our author…!!!!!

  4. ya , sir … lot of physicists started as mathematicians and do consider themselves mathematicians… yup Martin Gardner , ingenuity incarnate…!!!
    sadly the greatest 20th century indian mathematician Ramanujan had a very difficult life… he was like an conduit between continued fractions and human beings…

  5. For those not so curious do listen to LoBaCHEVSKY and ELEMENTS and SILENT E…..
    they are as delightful as tango if not more… can’t get the tune ‘Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky is his name’ out of ma head..

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