4 thoughts on “Sentence Correction – 5 : Idiomatic Usage

  1. Is there a typo here? (caps for missing word) Teratomas are unusual forms of cancer (E) in that they are compose of tissues such AS tooth and bone, tissues not normally found in the organ in which the tumor appears.

  2. Please use better sentences to explain concepts.
    The explanation of the answer to the second question is not correct.
    Options A,B and C are wrong because they use incorrect conjunction ‘because’.
    That leaves D and E. D is incorrect because it changes the intended meaning of the sentence

    E uses ‘in that’ correctly to qualify the previous description

    We should also be aware of the difference between because and in that. First, using pure strategy, when sentence uses both because and in that, the answer is most likely in that. Second, because is used to express a simple causal relationship whereas in that qualifies the previous statement.

    Confused? Look at these examples:

    Cause and effect relationship: I went to sleep because I was tired. ==> Being tired caused me to go to sleep.

    Qualification: Going to college is a sacrifice in that doing so requires several years of forgoing the income that students could have earned had they not attended college. ==> Going to college is a sacrifice, BUT NOT IN EVERY WAY; there are many ways in which going to college is NOT a sacrifice, but in this sentence, I want to express one way in which going to college IS a sacrifice.

    • Firstly, both the sentences used are actual GMAT questions and not questions picked up from any random source. You can find the second question in the GMAT Paper-Based Test Code # 28, Section 6, Question 19.

      Secondly, the post is intended to have a very strong GMAT specific focus and not a general Grammar focus. On the GMAT the difference between “because” and “in that” is barely tested whereas the difference between “such as” and “like”, which is precisely the reason why we chose two sentences covering the same concept.

      Thanks for taking the time out to type out a long comment.

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