8 thoughts on “Singles – 6

  1. sir, you have discussed several topic on this blog… still polynomials and quadratics are missing.. function too (if f(x) = 2f(x+1) type ques..) . co-ordinate geometry.. kindly post them as your methods are quite good

  2. Patience, Anand 🙂 I know I will not be able to cover all the topics before CAT….some will have to be left for next year’s CAT too! Rather than put up a lot of hurried posts, I am trying to ensure that whatever I do put up is of adequate quality so that it will be a value-add to test-takers. Some geometry (and hopefully a bit of coordinate geometry) is planned next – however, drawing figures takes a lot of time, especially as my artistic skills are negligible 😛


    • there is no doubt that whatever you put up is of immense quality…eg. your concept in trapezium made that topic easy. that’s why i requested you about algebra. anyway, keep up the good work, we are waiting….

    • Kuldeep, as I said to Anand, I know I would not be able to cover each and every topic. In fact part of the reason for my doing the current series (the oral approaches – Writer’s Block and Singles) is that in this I can cover a wide variety of topics (though not in depth). In partnership and pipes/tanks/cisterns I will eventually put up some posts, but those are not topics in which I can provide significant value add – most people are comfortable with the basic questions there. Since a lot of Geometry happened in last year’s exam, and I have not touched much of Geometry, I am planning to do a few questions on that next month before moving to other topics…


    • 60 and 5 rather – the pigeon ends up 55 km from where it started, having traversed a distance of 65. So it must be 60 – 5 = 55. (Your solution would work if the first pigeon had been sent by Porus, as then the displacement would be 45)


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