13 thoughts on “Singles – 6

  1. sir, you have discussed several topic on this blog… still polynomials and quadratics are missing.. function too (if f(x) = 2f(x+1) type ques..) . co-ordinate geometry.. kindly post them as your methods are quite good

  2. Patience, Anand 🙂 I know I will not be able to cover all the topics before CAT….some will have to be left for next year’s CAT too! Rather than put up a lot of hurried posts, I am trying to ensure that whatever I do put up is of adequate quality so that it will be a value-add to test-takers. Some geometry (and hopefully a bit of coordinate geometry) is planned next – however, drawing figures takes a lot of time, especially as my artistic skills are negligible 😛


    • there is no doubt that whatever you put up is of immense quality…eg. your concept in trapezium made that topic easy. that’s why i requested you about algebra. anyway, keep up the good work, we are waiting….

    • Kuldeep, as I said to Anand, I know I would not be able to cover each and every topic. In fact part of the reason for my doing the current series (the oral approaches – Writer’s Block and Singles) is that in this I can cover a wide variety of topics (though not in depth). In partnership and pipes/tanks/cisterns I will eventually put up some posts, but those are not topics in which I can provide significant value add – most people are comfortable with the basic questions there. Since a lot of Geometry happened in last year’s exam, and I have not touched much of Geometry, I am planning to do a few questions on that next month before moving to other topics…


    • 60 and 5 rather – the pigeon ends up 55 km from where it started, having traversed a distance of 65. So it must be 60 – 5 = 55. (Your solution would work if the first pigeon had been sent by Porus, as then the displacement would be 45)


  3. hi sir, is it that the equation works only in few cases? because, in this question i tried using the equation, but didnt get the right answer-

    Two trains simultaneously start towards each other at speeds 50 km/hr and 60 km/hr respectively. A bird is perched on the engine of one train. The moment the trains start, the bird starts flying towards the second train. Immediately on reaching the second train, the bird heads back towards the first train. Immediately on reaching the first train, the bird reverses the direction and starts flying towards the second train. This process continues till the two trains meet. If the distance between the trains is 220 km and the speed of the bird is 80 km/hr, what is the total distance travelled by the bird in the forward direction (i.e. in the direction towards the second train)?

    here, is f+b= 220, f-b= 160?

    pls tell me where am i going wrong? answer is 130 km.

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