12 thoughts on “Singles – 5

  1. This is the kind of question where i faced some difficulty while giving a mock…
    the question was similar but what was asked was the amount forward and backward movement of the bird ?????
    please explain sir

  2. In this question, we have considered that the bird goes from A to B and back for infinite times, But if we have to find the number of rounds the bird completed or number of times the bird met B, then how can we do that?

  3. Diana, that would be a more painful question. It would be a GP if you notice, and hence we could use the formulae of a GP to solve it. For example if we are told that the bird flies 10 times each way then it would be the first 20 steps and the distance would be 75 (1+1/4+1/16….20 terms) and we could say 75 * [1-(1/4)^20] / [1-1/4].

    A better choice would be to check the final answer till infinity (which is 100) and figure out which of the options is very close to 100. If we have gone more than 6 or 8 steps, the answer will be so close to the “infinity” answer as to make no difference (in the above case it will be 99.999xx roughly)

    If such a question were to come in the exam, you might choose to attempt it a little later as it involves a little more calculation/effort.


  4. The bird travels 80km in forward and 20 in reverse. Is it correct ?
    Taking 1/16 as the ratio for the gp.
    Also is there any other method to find the forward and reverse distances?

  5. hi sir, this is a question from one of the latest simcats, pls help me correct my comprehension of the language-
    In place of a 1 liter container, a dishonest milkman uses a 1050 cc container while buying, but uses a 900 cc container while selling the same milk. What is his overall profit percentage if he sells the milk at the same rate at which he was supposed to buy and offers a discount of 10% on cash payment?

    here, “if he sells the milk at the same rate at which he was supposed to buy” this part slightly confused me as i started thinking that his CP rate is his SP rate and hence got confused. it’s probably silly but could you please help me understand what it meant, as the solutions did not really take this statement into account, so i am assuming that this statement did not say anything different, however i still didnt get what it meant.

    please let me know sir, thank you!

  6. If he was “supposed to buy” at 100 but actually bought at something else, say 95, then he is “supposed to sell” also at 100 (but may sell actually at some other rate)

    Basically he is claiming to be making no profit or loss, but actually…


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