5 thoughts on “Critical Reasoning – 5

  1. sir according to the explanations in both (a) and (e) option the prediction will fail, that’s why i was confused at that and also am i correct to say that in nearly all assumption/conclusion questions just we have to negate the premise and check the option for conclusion to be false

    • Yes, that is the more structured approach (T would be better able to help on that though, I use a more unstructured and risky approach – gut-feeling based, quicker but more prone to error).

      And why should (a) have any effect? To say that something will happen in the future, we don’t need an assumption that it has been happening all the time in the past. In 1940s maybe they were drawing much less water, or maybe the effects are cumulative so there was no noticeable effect yet but there will be if this continues.


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