13 thoughts on “Singles – 4

    • Any specific topic, Aditya? Number Theory is pretty vast 🙂 I have already discussed remainders and P&C in some detail, and plan to talk about the pigeonhole principle at some time in the future…


      • Sir, it would be very helpful if you discuss few questions on the application of:
        1.Euler’s theorem on Remainders.
        2.Fermat’s little theorem.
        3.Wilson theorem.
        4.Questions on HCF and LCM, as in: how to find hcf and lcm of : 2222….(30 times) and 33333…(70 times).
        Thanks a ton.

      • Aditya, these topics are way beyond CAT level. I have briefly mentioned Fermat’s little theorem (and the Chinese Remainder Approach) in a couple of earlier posts, but I believe that they are way beyond what is needed for a CAT/XAT. Ditto for Euler’s and Wilson’s (I have never seen a problem that needed these theorems, and I have been seeing the CAT since, oh, 15 years? HCF and LCM one, I will try, but it might not happen before this year’s CAT as I have some stuff planned for the coming weeks….

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