2 thoughts on “Critical Reasoning – 4

  1. This blog definitely takes you to some higher level of understanding, from where you stand.
    I am reading your blog a week before my CAT and still enjoying it very much rather than munching on “are ye bhi padhna tha kya” and all.
    Although after knowing of CAT LR pattern where Circular seating arrangement and matrix puzzles are dominating, i was very much hopeful that i would get a guide here on :
    1. Circular arrangement.
    2. Rectangular dinner table arrangements where a couple is hosting.
    3. Matrix based arrangements.
    If manageable in time you should definitely do it for current aspirants.

    • Harshal, no time for this year, since by the time I am done with the current topic the CAT will be nearly done. Will try to do it for next year 😉 Arrangement-based LRs are not my strong point though, I do them in very standard ways only so not sure if there is any significant value I can possibly add…


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