4 thoughts on “Singles – 28

  1. hi sir, i had a doubt in this question, could you please help-

    Octal number system has 8 digits from 0 to 7. How many 4 digit numbers in the octal number system exist such that they are formed using exactly three distinct digits?

    here can we do 7*7*6*6 (7, for digits 1-7, and then 7, since we include 0, and so on) =1764 (which is the right answer) but i am not sure if this method is right, as the solution had a lot of cases, so what am i interpreting wrong here?

    • So, this is not a place to discuss Simcat questions, please note 🙂 I am not sure what logic you have used (could not make sense of the numbers you have taken, as you haven’t accounted for the repeated digit I felt), but if you can justify/prove it then by all means use it.


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