5 thoughts on “Chessboard Conundrums – 6

  1. For queens, I could only get 7 after hit and trial. A8, B5, C7, D2, E6, G1, H4. Missing in F column and row 4 so i understand this is not an optimal solution. Can you share a thought process on how to optimize it further?

    • Got it. A3, B7, C2, D8, E5, F1, G4, H6.

      This was a great question to enhance the concepts of chessboard and optimization. Thanks J 🙂

  2. It is more of a trial and error thing, and hence no rigorous thought process I could find that one could manually implement. Hence also it is unlikely to pop up in an aptitude test. Trying might improve your spatial vision, helping you later with relatively simpler problems, that’s all. You can safely skip it if you find it onerous.

    If you are unable to find a solution on your own, this page may help (warning: heavy maths and or computerese may ensue. A page that mentions both Gauss and Dijkstra within the first few lines generally assumes you are an unrepentant and inveterate nerd)


    • Sharing the though process that helped me (after solving I think it’s not really trial and error) –
      Mark any square as queen, then for subsequent squares, mark the ones in the row and column in which the least number of empty squares are available. Doing this will easily get the 8 queens.

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