5 thoughts on “Chessboard Conundrums – 4

  1. In Q1, Q, and Q4 above, ought not we multiply the final answers by 2, as there are 2 colors viz. black and white (and for each of these 2 the arrangements should be counted as discrete)?
    Please correct me if I am wrong.

  2. In the last question, shouldn’t we divide by (3!/2!) = 3 mathematically speaking. Also, logically speaking, the square for the white piece can be chosen in 3 ways, so we divide by 3.

  3. If you had just chosen 3 squares initially, then you would multiply by 3 at the end for the position of the white. That would give you the same answer by a somewhat longer route as it would have been (64 * 49 * 36) / (3*2*1) and then *3.


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