3 thoughts on “Factorials – 2

  1. Hi J, not relevant to this question but for CAT in general.

    1) For someone who’s new to your blog, how would you suggest to use it? My plan is to start from Jan 13 and then progress chronologically. Any better way you’d suggest?

    2) I couldn’t find any blogs of yours on preparation – From where and how to study the concepts from. Could find a comment on PG where you recommended books which I’ve already started reading for VARC, but nothing except that. If you have written anything on it then it would be great if you can help me find the same.

    3. I read on a blog of 2014 where you have mentioned that you might record videos to explain it better. By any chance did you get a chance to do it?

    You’re a living legend for CAT aspirants.

    • In response to your questions:

      1) You could use the tag cloud at the side – pick a topic and click on the tag and you’ll find a bunch of posts, read them in reverse order starting from the bottom (oldest) one. Alternatively, use the page of “maths posts” where each post s linked, if you’re looking for something highly specific that may help.

      2) Haven’t really put much on the broader aspects of preparation; a few under the tag catstrat that’s all. My colleague T blogs at https://thecatwriter.com/ and covers a lot of this stuff; take a look, almost certainly you’ll find something you can use 🙂

      3) Videos turned out to be too much of a pain; the result to effort ratio was simply proving too low and it was not even enabling me to provide a significantly better explanation. Videos are clearly not my forte. So I decided to stick to what I can do well 🙂


      • Thank you so much for the wonderful reply J. I have already read through T’s blogs on preparation since you had mentioned in your blog earlier.

        Just one thing I wanted to add. I’ve been preparing for CAT since a long time now (would be my third attempt after 96 and 99 earlier). The prep had become a bit boring and forceful. Today, I spent the entire day reading through your blogs and knowing so many new things have made my prep so interesting and fun again. More than anything else, the key help from your blogs would be enjoying the prep again. Thank You for that!

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