3 thoughts on “Singles 16

  1. In case of first question, how is the height of smaller triangle equal to 1/6 of ABC? Since angle ABC is 60° and not 90° and the line XY is not parallel to BC. Apologies if this is a very basic question, have just started with geometry.

    Also, I’ve scored mid 99% in CAT 19 and reappearing. I tried to understand geometry last year but gave up. This year, I want to ensure that I can solve at least all the easy and medium level questions of geometry but I can’t just wrap my head around it. Any suggestions for the same?

    • Drop perpendiculars AM and ZN to BC. You will be able to prove the two right triangles similar. his will then give you the ratio of the height. Try it.

      The best way to get good in Geometry is to prove everything to yourself from ground zero. Don’t take someone’s word for it if they tell you angles of a triangle sum up to 180. go prove it for yourself. That’s the only way you’l genuinely understand/believe it, and consequently be able to apply it properly…that’s also why I don’t provide every step here, but expect you to prove a lot of things for yourself.


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