4 thoughts on “Quadratic Plotting – 6

  1. Hi sir, I read this statement somewhere-
    For f(x)>0, Discriminant is <0
    but i am unable to gather the 'why' behind it, could you please help mw with this sir?

    • Assuming f(x) to be a quadratic in x, then if it is greater than 0 for ALL values of x (or else less than zero for ALL values of x) what that means graphically is that it never touches the X-axis at all, i.e it never has real roots (remember that the roots are solutions for f(x) = 0, so if it never becomes zero…). Discriminant < 0 is just another way of saying no real roots. Hence these are equivalent interpretations, just that the one is graphical and the other algrebraical.


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