22 thoughts on “CAT Scan – CAT 17 QA 2

  1. Nothing much to share, nothing extremely new. Still:

    VARC: Other then the change in number of questions per RC, nothing out of the way in structure. Tougher than 2017 as there were many questions with close options.

    DILR: Not easy for sure, but not as tough as 2017 (at least, slot 1).

    QA: Challenging, by the standards of recent years; easily the toughest QA since at least 2013.

    Compared to 2017, I expect VA scores for a given percentile to drop marginally, DI to go up marginally and QA to drop precipitously. OA will therefore also drop by as much as 20-25 marks. (Note that these are for raw scores, scaled scores will probably not show such a drastic difference).

    As for IIFT…if you have done your due diligence for CAT, you are already pretty much prepared for IIFT. If not, then, well, what magic will happen in a week? Take a couple of tests, get the feel of the paper, and give your best shot on the day…


  2. Hello Sir do you still teach at IMS thane branch?! wanted to join coaching for cat but nearby centre is vashi although was thinking to join thane branch as per your online reviews.

    • I do, but I would say if Vashi is closer, do join there. I assure you the quality will be no less 🙂 And the extra travel would be a burden you can ill afford with such a short time left for the exam.


  3. Is there any technique which helps one remember facts and figures better? My aim is to remember numerical data for GK section (Like GDP growth rate, GDP of various countries, bank rates etc)

    • There are several, according to Google, but I would not be able to help you with those. I have a bad memory for facts and figures myself – which is precisely why I try not to be reliant on formulae but on understanding.


  4. Hello sir.
    This is my third attempt and I tend to get nervous when I’m taking the mocks which turns out to be detrimental to my performance. I am also nervous about whether I’ll crack it this time or not. How do I calm myself?

    • Don’t make it “life and death” in your head. It’s just a test. If you can convince yourself of that, you can stay calm. If you can’t, no one can help you…it is in your head finally


  5. Hello Sir

    The post on the analysis of CAT 2017 is very helpful. Can you pls do a similar analysis on CAT 2018. This would be a big help.

  6. Sir, about the question where the thing for stairs climbing ways while it allows 1/2 at one time is we know Fibonacci series. Does it works if even more than 1 at a time are allowed let say 2/3 at a time?

      • Thank you so much, Sir! My gratitude to you for being such an amazing teacher who taught so beautifully! QA without you would’ve been a nightmare. Everything I learnt, I owe its credits to you, Sir. Thank youu. _/\_

  7. Hi sir In Q.17 if we have concluded that new Sp has to be 6/5th previous one then can we use ratio concept to get the required discount??

  8. in Q.17 once we have concluded that new SP=(6/5) previous one can we use the ratio concept to find the discount??

    • New SP is not 6/5 times the old one, is it 20/17 the old one as it turns out. It is 6/5 times the percentage of MP, which is a different story altogether.


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