4 thoughts on “CAT Scan – CAT 17 QA 2

  1. Nothing much to share, nothing extremely new. Still:

    VARC: Other then the change in number of questions per RC, nothing out of the way in structure. Tougher than 2017 as there were many questions with close options.

    DILR: Not easy for sure, but not as tough as 2017 (at least, slot 1).

    QA: Challenging, by the standards of recent years; easily the toughest QA since at least 2013.

    Compared to 2017, I expect VA scores for a given percentile to drop marginally, DI to go up marginally and QA to drop precipitously. OA will therefore also drop by as much as 20-25 marks. (Note that these are for raw scores, scaled scores will probably not show such a drastic difference).

    As for IIFT…if you have done your due diligence for CAT, you are already pretty much prepared for IIFT. If not, then, well, what magic will happen in a week? Take a couple of tests, get the feel of the paper, and give your best shot on the day…


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