4 thoughts on “CAT Scan – CAT 17 VA 1

    • I am actually not certain what you mean by “statement-conclusion”. For the moment, I will just be doing the summaries and a couple of RC from the actual paper of last year. The areas where I feel qualified to comment, in Verbal 🙂 Odd sentence out isn’t really my bailiwick, and parajumbles, well, they are best left unattempted till last!


  1. Sir,
    I have completed learning basics of Quants but i face immense difficulty in applying them in exams that my mock scores are pathetic. My attempts are less as I find most of the questions in no sure how to apply concept zone. Could you please provide any suggestions what I may do to improve?
    Thanks in advance

    • Step 1: Lose the fear. Step 2: Analyse everything you solve. Understand the logic behind the solution so that the next time you see something like that, you can tackle it. Familiarity is important. Step 3: Learn how to do it faster and faster. Step 4: Ace the test 🙂


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