6 thoughts on “Time and Work – 6

  1. Hi Sir,
    I have been following you for a while now. I really liked the way you explain questions. Would you please take up Time, Distance & Speed someday. I take too much time when solve advanced level questions.

      • Thanks for responding sir. What can I do to pace up my speed? I noticed that I use conventional(long method taught in textbook) method to solve the quant questions because of which my attempts are very less.

      • Quite simple….when trying the simpler sums, keep the pen and paper aside and try to visualise the problem. Arithmetic is the best place to start this kind of a habit, but once you get the hang of thinking without writing, you may find other areas also susceptible!

        Try these to give you a flavour of the type of approach I am talking about: https://cat100percentile.com/tag/paperless/


  2. Hello Sir,

    Do you have any tips/strategies to ace the DI/LR section in CAT ?

    Background story – My classroom mentor has advised to just focus on solving 3-4 sets as I am especially weak in this section, this has helped me score above average marks in mocks (80-90%ile). But is there any way I could one up my di/lr game ? Also do you know about any source where I could find CAT level sets as I have already run out of lr/di sectionals.


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