4 thoughts on “PnC in Geometry – Lines from points 1

  1. Sir, don’t know if this is this is the right topic to be posting under..but if you could please help with the below questions:
    1) In how many ways can you write the number 210 as a product of three integers? (a generic approach to such questions)
    2) LCM of two numbers a and b is 300. How many such pair of numbers exist?

    • Both would be quite long to type here 🙂 Will just give hints…

      For the first one, if you want ordered triplets, write in prime factorised form and divide the powers of each prime into 3 groups using partitioning. If not ordered, then a good bit of trial and error and making cases will be needed to take care of repeated numbers in most cases.

      In the second, again start with writing the prime factorised form, and then ensure that each of the primes has its max power in one of the numbers.


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