3 thoughts on “Probability – 24

  1. Hi J,
    Can you please tell us what all topics you are still about to cover till the CAT exam? The thing is I’v been following the probability series and was wondering by when will it be wrapped up completely. And if there are any other post on any topic (verbal/quant) that you are planning to come up with, kindly mention that too. Sorry to bother you with such lame questions but just wanted to make a tentative schedule for this month.
    It would be really helpful if you can give us the information.
    Thank you.

    • Nothing planned as of now….as CAT gets closer I too get busier! And most of the topics in which I have some value to add, I have already posted (there are over 300 QA/DI posts already over these three years… 😀 ). If I think of something more where I can add some meaningful posts, I will do so. But as of now, will just wind up probability.


      • There really are numerous quality posts in this site and you are right that almost all the important topics have been covered. So yet once again, thank you J for compiling such an awesome collection of concepts and problems. Thoroughly enjoyed going through them. 🙂

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