4 thoughts on “Probability – 12

  1. Hi,
    Could you please help me resolve this question:

    Three players Lal, Krishna and Aswini are playing a game in which they toss a coin cyclically in the order – Lal, Krishna, Aswini, Lal, Krishna, Aswini, Lal. …- till a head shows. The player who gets a head on the coin first wins the game. The coin is loaded with P(Heads) = 0.25 and P(Tails) = 0.75. What is the probability that Krishna wins the game?

    • I plan to solve a similar question in a slightly later post 🙂 So do have a little patience and I will resolve this. (I guess the answer would be something like 16/37)


  2. Sir, in second question, we are considering the events to be independent because sample space is infinite or because the sample space is unknown? also, is there a difference between the two cases?

    • Because it is effectively infinite (unknown is not really within the scope of what we have to deal with). Think of the definition of independent; one thing happening won’t change the probability of the other. Here since there are a huuuuuge bunch of bulbs, both faulty and fine, even if the first few picked are say faulty, the fraction will not really change at all. 40000/100000 or 39995/100000, kya farak padta hai…


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