10 thoughts on “Confusions – 4 Resolved

  1. Sir cud u please elaborate a lil on LESS VS LESSER
    i know few vs less
    but not quite getting the the difference wrt LESS VS LESSER.

    Also sir…for vocab…i am focusing on CAT500 words (by IMS), and past cat paper vocab words(FIBs, Confusables)…as i think this will give best and most focused coverage considering the time crunch.
    I do words 1 hr each day..and revise the older ones too.
    My mock scores are @ around 150-160 so i do want to invest in vocab
    any suggestions?!?!

    • If you have a direct and unambiguous way of ranking A < B then you won't use lesser. You will say A < B. If the two things are similar but you cannot have an unambiguous numerical comparison, but still want to claim one inferior to the other (For example "Obama is a ____ President than Bush" – how will you compare quantitatively?) then lesser should work.

      Working heavily on vocab, 15 days before CAT, makes little sense frankly. Too many words, too little chance you will pick up something directly relevant in such a short span. But then 150+ is an acceptable score any day, so you need not be tensed…


      • Thanks Sir for the elaboration on less vs lesser….
        Also im restricting myself to an hour a day for vocab…i dont let that cross…and as confusables are limited…i guess its worthwhile right??

        in Simcat 14 (Proctured) i got 131…
        [Vocab really messed my score..got ALL WRONG]

        I had a really important question…
        I have 16th morning slot Sir…
        What shud i do in the LAST 3 days…
        Shud i give a mock..not give one…just revise…

        Currently i give 1 mock every 3 days…(As iv given a lot of mocks..and analysed plenty..i figure its better investing time in analysing and preparing with past cat papers and Cat500 than giving mocks)

        Lookin forward for ur valuable advice

      • and just to add to the question of what needs to be done in the last 3 days…
        as per the PLAN (Hopefully) i shud b done with almost all past cat papers…ims cat500…past mock analysis by 12th Nov EOD.
        So 13 14 15 is fully a question mark as to how to utilize to the fullest?!

  2. Make sure you take it light on 15th, whatever else you do. As for 13th and 14th do whatever study you feel in the mood for….if your main prep plan is done, then don’t push yourself too hard for those days.


    • okay sir….
      i was anyway disinclined to takin a mock on 15th
      Now that uv said it..ill definitely stick to it
      So ill take a mock on 14 as the last one..
      And ill prepare woteva i feel cud use a lil extra push in d last 3 days!!
      Sounds good?!

  3. Hi Sir!

    Can you please do an article on punctuations?
    Or share the link to the article, if it has already been published before.

    Thank you.
    The Count.

    • Not enough expertise to do an authoritative article on those! But I would recommend “Eats, Shoots and Leaves” by Lynne Truss, which manages to be both fun and informative.


    • Historical means happened in the past. Historic means creating history. If Trump wins the US election it will be a historic but not a historical victory (possibly hysterical though). And the life of a potter in Mohenjo-daro is of historical importance but probably not historic.


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