13 thoughts on “Data Interpretation – 16

  1. Hello J,

    Thanks a lot 🙂 A sublime explanation, as usual.

    This looked daunting when I was on my own! I could prepare a broken framework only.

    You’ve mentioned that CAT 2006 was filled with notorious sets such as the Erdos number set. What do you suggest if one has invested about 5 minutes trying and getting nowhere with these sets? Only then I realise that it’s not going to happen…

    Regards 🙂

  2. It is for that reason that I do singleton questions first and sets (DI/LR/RC type) a little later. If you start with a DI set and after 5 minutes you have nothing to show for it, it can induce panic – you will be unable to leave it and unable to solve it. But if you do the same 30 min into the paper and you already have 20-25 marks from singleton questions by then, you will be able to leave it without hassle if it is clearly a dead end. No point throwing good money after bad, eh?


  3. Hi J,
    If you plan to do 1 more set before CAT 2015, please consider doing the Abdul, Bikram and Chetan traders set from CAT 2008.. It would be highly helpful 🙂

  4. to get a result of 5000, which is 1300 + 3700, you cancelled all other terms to get 130, why did you considered 120, 120, and 130 in case of Micheal then, and not cancelled it too?

  5. no, i am asking the difference in chetan and michael? for michael too buying at 110, and at 120, should get cancelled with selling at 110 and 120, leaving just 130. why it isn’t like that?

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