11 thoughts on “Data Interpretation – 15

  1. It took me around 20 min to solve the set initially and after this method of reorganising data it took hardly 5-7 min to crack the set… amazing!!!!!!

  2. Harsh, it was showing the correct vid earlier. Somehow Youtube has assigned the same url to both videos, I have no idea how that is even possible…

    I might have to re-upload it, but that might take a while as my laptop is out of order; for now you can get to the video from this one by going to the next item on the playlist.


  3. Hi Sir,
    I have a doubt in the following question. It’s been taken from a take-home SIM.

    Q. 16 teams participate in a tournament where each team plays every other team exactly once. 1 point for a win, 0 for a loss and no draws. 4 teams make it to the next round.
    Find min. points required to ensure progression to next round. ( Paraphrased slightly)

    A. 13

    My answer is 14.Let A,B,C,D,E be the top 5 scoring teams.

    If A – B,C ( A loses only to B,C)
    B – C,D
    C- D,E
    D- A,E
    E- A,B
    Then all 5 teams are on 13 points but the 5th team does not make it through..
    Can you please tell me if there is any error here?

    • I know, but it seems to be a youtube issue, it shows a random video from that stream even if I link the specific one. This is a problem for at least 3-4 of the videos 😦 which is part of why I stopped doing them


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