6 thoughts on “Data Interpretation – 13

  1. Sir if the graph dont provide the data of the respective departments in each bar. Like we know 3 was from x but in bar graph its not mentioned which is x. Then how will we use the graphs to obtain that.

    • I’m afraid I didn’t get your question? Where is 3 coming into the picture? The 6 comes from the initial information (which tells us that there are 6 people in Ops at the start)


      • I meant what if i change the question:
        Just in the graph

        So how will u find out ops which has 6 guys is in which data. Thats what calculation i did above on difference.

  2. Huh? If you remove the info how will you find that out? It would no longer be a valid question even! The info is given in the original question because it is needed. Without that, even guessing would be painful.


    • Just see that last bar graph
      In 2000
      45 should go to 46 If same guys
      but Its 43
      So it means 46-25 21 and differences in average is of 3
      so 7 in 2001 last year 6 thats what i meant.
      We can still find out i guess.

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