5 thoughts on “Data Interpretation – 6

  1. With practice, most certainly. This and the Erdos number set both took around 4 minutes for me to solve. I spent quite a bit more time on the pathways set (which I will hopefully discuss in a future post) but that was because I made an error in my initial analysis/understanding, and realised/rectified it only after “solving” three questions 😀

    However, you don’t need to do it in 5 minutes unless you are aiming to solve everything. If you were aiming for a balanced attempt (let us say, 3 sets out of 5), you could have done a set like this in around 12-15 minutes in the actual CAT 2006 and still been fine…


  2. Recently few days back i’ve solved this set. I think this was easier one. Conditions straight forward too.
    But you explain fantastic. Sir will you share some strategy on IIFT DI. What to attempt. How much to target so to keep balanced timing. What to leave.

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