Data Interpretation – 5

Hi folks,

Here’s the second DI set from Sim 1. For those who find “tournaments” questions awkward, this might be of help.

In the next couple of  weeks, I’ll do another set from CAT 2006 (based on Grouping and Conditionality) and then post an analysis of the sets from SimCAT 5.



7 thoughts on “Data Interpretation – 5

    • Right now that seems a little tough. For now I plan to do mainly the calculative and semi-calculative DI from the Sims as that is what I am getting maximum requests for and also where I can provide more value-add.

      What I will try is to do a few more LR sets from past CATs (I’ve already done some from 2006, perhaps 2005 and 2008 might be worth tackling as well). Give me a little while, though, as it takes time to do a thorough job 🙂


  1. Hi J,

    Would you please tell me the basics about the cut-offs of the SIMs?
    The sectional cut-offs are low compared with the total; what I want to say is: say if one clears both the sectionals, still doesn’t clear the overall cut-off…. why is this so?

    Taking SIM 3 cut-offs; QADI 22 & VALR 31 & Overall 72. Shouldn’t the overall be 22 + 31 = 53?
    My guess is that the sectionals are around 85%ile and the aggregate is 95%ile+

    Regards 🙂

  2. Harsh, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. In the old paper-based days, for example, the sectional cutoffs might go as low as 25% of total possible marks, but the overall cutoff would typically be around 35% of total marks for the top IIMs (at some point A and C used to have a cutoff of 95.33 for the sections but 99+ overall, for example. Of course, this was when only the CAT was used by both these colleges for the first shortlist…nowadays the (stated) cutoffs are lower than that, but still the total is more than the sectionals.).

    What this means is, it is not enough to clear sectional cutoffs; in at least one section you need to kill it totally.


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