Not Exactly Rocket Science

Note: If you liked this, Ed Yong’s current blog may be found at: Do head over there and read to your heart’s content. (Even if you didn’t like it, go read! Being able to parse and understand this kind of writing is crucial…)

4 thoughts on “Not Exactly Rocket Science

    • Of course, Ashish πŸ™‚ It is one of many excellent blogs out there, I have just picked one personal favourite out of those for this post. The obvious benefits of reading blogs are that one gets practice with (a) small succinct articles (similar to those one might encounter in the paper!) and (b) reading and comprehending onscreen (which is necessary in a CAT-and-mouse scenario). Invaluable from an RC point of view (and quite probably PJ/PC as well)


    • Yes indeed! You need not read the entire passage, if you choose, you could just read the first few paras (but when I do get time to go here and start reading I can never stop after a few paras because it gets interesting πŸ˜€ ). However, this is the style and level you may expect in a science passage in CAT; heavy stuff (though explained in layman’s terms), and fully expecting you to be able to cope with it.


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