Data Interpretation – 1

Dear Readers,

A lot of people have been asking me to do DI, but I have been putting it off as it is very difficult to explain DI on a static page. So starting this week, I am going to try something new; PPT-based video explanations. I’m starting off with a set from CAT 2006, and willย  move on to some more sets from other older (paper-based) CATs and from the SimCATs. The idea is to demonstrate how to approach a DI set in the wild, so to speak.

(Note: Please watch it in at least 480p resolution!)

Since making these videos is a pretty time-consuming process, I will temporarily have to switch to one post in a week. If I can get more efficient at this video-making, then I’ll go back to two posts, and will also try to do some maths questions in a similar format!

Do let me know what you think in the comments…



25 thoughts on “Data Interpretation – 1

  1. Insane this initiative. However, if possible please keep posting more lessons in the normal format alongside the videos. One post a week is unacceptable ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Dear Sir/Madam, This is an amazing idea. Looking forward to view the videos.

    Thanks and regards, A. Shiva Yamini.

  3. Dear Sir, If possible please cover some lessons on different types of Venn Diagrams questions esp. max/minima. Last year instead of DI, I had three sets of questions on Venn Diagrams and I could barely solve 1.

  4. It was simple and had enough clarity. More such posts will be helpful apart from DI.Numbers also will help as it caters also to more questions in cat.

  5. sir, have you posted any one the 2011 DI set questions, the one with “jigri in M.S exam” and the other one with “time slots division of students preparing for CAT 2005” if yes please share the link or else can you please post one because they are too tricky and the solution which I got was also ambiguous..

    • 2011 Di questions are not officially available, so I am not sure what you are talking about. Up to 2008 is available, beyond that it is not. Any questions you have which claim to be from those years are unreliable (not to mention illegal)


  6. No way I can think of, offhand. As for building speed, that comes through practice and analysis. Solve 200 good sets, understand the underlying logic, build a database in your head. Speed will follow.


    • I haven’t (actively) deleted them, but the channel I had uploaded them on no longer exists (and I am not sure where the original videos got to, been a while and multiple laptops since). If I find them, I will figure out a work-around…


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