18 thoughts on “Algebra – 14

  1. in the second question if (0,40) is considered, then number of solution is 14. can anybody explain how it is 13 in the solution. because even if question said positive integers, 0 is considered in the solution above

    • 0 is not considered in the final answer. But it is taken initially as it is an obvious integer solution, an easy starting point from which to generate further solutions. You need somewhere to start! Otherwise, you would need to do some trial and error to find the first acceptable solution.


  2. The answer of 1st question can be easily obtained by looking at options.Why not go that way? I didn’t understand what is fraction penalties.
    BTW these posts are just amazings.Thank You!

    • Yes it certainly can be solved that way, if you are not put off by the fractions 🙂 (I personally find fractions irritating and they increase the chance of error, so I tend to avoid them when I can)

      However, nowadays CAT has a bad habit of not giving options for such questions 😦 So it becomes necessary to know how to find the solution properly!


  3. In the first question, if it was asked to find the maximum number of questions that were wrong, would the answer be w=10? (only 2 possible cases that satisfy both equations (35,3),(36,10) )

  4. Hi J, wanted your thoughts on this method of solving 2nd question –
    Rewrite y as 40-2x
    Since x<=y
    Hence x could be from 1 to 13 (13 Soln).
    This seems too simple so can you tell in what scenario this method won't work?

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