10 thoughts on “Logs – 10

  1. Sir do we have any rule in solving log problems like this:
    log(4)6= 1/2 log (2)6 just for example sake

    where ( ) represents base
    i mean converting bases.
    Like we have rule log(a)b^c= c log(a)b but anything for the base conversion. Please explain!

  2. Remember that log (b)a = log a / log b

    So the given expression is
    log 6 / log 4 = log 6 / 2 log 2 = 1/2 (log 6 / log 2 ) = 1/2 log (2) 6

    You can make a standard formula out of this if you like! I prefer to just understand the logic and apply directly…


  3. Hello Sir, could you please clear this silly doubt that I have, what is the value of logA*logB? I come across this a lot of times and haven’t been able to figure out if there’s any such rule of multiplication of logs!

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