10 thoughts on “Puzzles – 10

  1. the bulb problem was a tricky one… missed out on the heat logic… but today’s puzzle i thought was 1000 *10 straight.. though i suspect it can’t be that easy

  2. Oh you never know, maybe I am just in a mellow mood and decided to ask an easy one?

    (BTW this bookcase question was asked to me in an IIMC interview. Fortunately I had heard it before… >:) else I would quite probably have replied the same as you did.)


  3. J, are you asking to consider the covers of each volume? Then I guess it will be 502 papers for each volume * 10 volumes, cant think further , 😦

  4. Deep, that is one possible trap. You need to check with the interviewer whether covers should be counted separately. One of the important things in interview puzzles is to maintain communication, tell the interviewer your thought process, because that is what is being tested.


  5. 5019 if covers are included. But is given that ‘from first page of first book’.it’s not possible by bookwarm to attack straight to the first page,it has to start from cover of first page.

    • It is possible, if it is eating at the edge of the pages! You do see books that are damaged at the edges quite often… 🙂 That again is something you can confirm with the examiners (and should, if the doubt strikes you). Remember, the thought process is a crucial aspect….


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