2 thoughts on “Left and Right and Wrong

  1. the word ‘dirigible’ caught my eye… itz a great word.. can it be used in case of bike or car..eg. the bike has not been in use for about 8 months, i doubt if it is dirigible.

    • Usually not, as it has moved from an adjective sense to more of a noun sense – it refers to a specific type of vehicle, the rigid balloon that predated the airplane. After the Hindenberg disaster, they drastically reduced the use of those (in those days zeppelins used Hydrogen as the gas, not surprising as Hydrogen is very light. Alas, it is also very flammable. Nowadays the blimps you see at cricket grounds and so on use Helium, I believe…). Using it as an adjective would therefore cause some confusion in the mind of the listener!


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