7 thoughts on “XAT Scan – 3

      • I assume you mean f(f(fx))) = 15, in that case we would find the values for which f(x) = -8, f(x) = 1, f(x) = 7 and so on for all the seven values found in the previous question.


  1. We need f(x) to be 4 or 12. Looking at the graph, we see that there are 4 values of x for which f(x) = 4 (see the green line in the graph – approx at -8, 1, 7 and 10). Similarly there are 3 more where it is 12 (see the red line)


  2. Hello Sir, Thanks for your reply… just a clarification on the second concept f(f(f(x))) = 15
    at f(x) = -8, there will be zero values satisfying…
    f(x)=1 , will have 4 values … etc… we will calculate for other points…
    also sir,
    please guide me to the place where i can find the theory regarding this… could not find in Arun Sharma…

    • I don’t think there is any “theory” as such. Common sense apply karna hai. That is why most people mess up exams like this – they only know a formula or theorem and cannot solve a twisted question like this!


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