6 thoughts on “Last Digit – 1

  1. You know what J, I’m still following your blog even after my CAT and I’ll continue to do so. Your posts are so fascinating! Thanks for everything.


    • Thanks bhee 🙂 I ought to warn you, though, that the frequency of posts will drop soon….I am running out of “interesting” things to say and will probably shift to a “2-3 posts a week” schedule in a while….


    • 1×2=2×3=6×4=4×5=20(here ignore 0) 2×6=2×7=4×8=2×9=8×10=8(again ignore 0) 8×11=8 ans

      eg 2×6 is 12, we take only 2 and let the one go, that is how it is done

  2. “the frequency of posts will drop soon”
    Now thats 2nd disappointing news in a week, the first one left a void and this one will do so, only difference that the prior I have been following since past 20 odd years and the later, about 20 weeks, its been like the first thing I do in the morning, is to check the post, considering, well begun is half done.
    Thanks J, your post really have been very helpful and have provided an all to gather different dimension to look at problems.
    Keep up the the good work.

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