10 thoughts on “Pigeonhole Principle – 2

  1. Hi J,
    In the gloves question.
    How does case a and b differ from each other.
    I am not able to differentiate the situations or rather the answers.
    A) We need only 4 chances. Why am I not exhausting all the pairs not required by me and then getting the one that is favourable. Ans would then be 37

  2. I am getting 37 for the third question in the exercise.
    worst-case scenario should be picking 9 cards of each suit = 9*4 + 1 ?

    Where am I going wrong ?


  3. the worst case situation for last question will be 3 face cards..and as suite is not mentioned at all… ‘so three face cards from all suits’….. i.e. 3×4 = 12 + 1 = 13

    • Because we want four non-face cards, not just one. So in the worst case, I might pick up 12 face cards, I need at least 4 more to guarantee 4 non-face cards.


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