13 thoughts on “Modulus Plotting – CAT Scan

  1. sir cat 2003 Q,it should be none of these,isnt it? maxima pt will be tending to infinity..minimum however would be 2.5…plz correct me if i’m wrong..

  2. Sir I’m extremely, extremely grateful for your posts, this blog has helped me immensely and I’m going to follow it even after my CAT this year because I’m just a smarter person thanks to it! I’m looking forward to the circles plotting post, sir! Would be lovely if you post it anytime soon. I have to write the CAT on the 7th, it would be simply brilliant to take the skills you share with me to the exam.

    A CAT-holics fan.

  3. I did not understand the last question, how did you choose the x and y values to be +/-2? because when we solve the equation:
    x+y+y-x = 4
    we get y=1,
    x+y+x-y = 4,
    we get x = 1
    -x-y+y-x = 4,
    we get x= -1
    -x-y-y+x = 4,
    we get y = -1
    so we get x=y= +/- 1.. plz help

  4. For question : find the area bounded by |x+y| – |x-y| = 4.
    (x,y) = (4,2), (5,2), (6,2), ………. ,(32,2), (34,2),……
    Also, (-4,-2), (-5,-2), (-6,-2),………,(-32,-2), (-34,-2),…

  5. Ohh for that one. I thought you meant the question in the original post. Yeah, my bad, it will be a square for a plus sign in between the two modulus functions, not the minus 🙂 For the minus sign, you’re absolutely right and it won’t be an enclosed figure.


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